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Texas Hair Replacement System For Men

New hair replacement for men's pattern baldness. The hair replacement system, toupee, hairpieces for men whatever you are looking for try Nu Hair of Texas hair restoration solutions for men’s hair loss. 

Our hair replacement systems have a new hairline that features the most natural looking hair growth, and a choice of a hairstyle look that you like. Our expert hairstylists shape your hair with a hairstyle that fits your face shape can go a long way in providing a natural appearance. Men’s textured hairstyles are in. Create a choppy, textured look in the top and crown. Nu Hair Replacement systems can be cut and styled into almost any design.


We are professional and reliable hair restoration provider in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. We offer customers the most beautiful custom wigs and natural looking non surgical hair replacement for men, women and kids with hair loss. Besides, we always use the latest technology that actually work, and adapt to follow world’s new trends to deliver the best hair to our clients. 972-490-7766