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You will get an expert cut and style to ensure your wig and hair replacement looks 100% natural. And we offer the best alternative hair services.

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Shop wigs in Dallas-Fort Worth for women, men, and children with hair loss. Dallas wig boutique for best human hair wigs and best hair replacement systems. As a result of talent, fresh ideas, and unique hair replacement designs, our hair loss solutions get rave reviews.

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Since Marvin Friedman founded Nu Hair in Dallas, Texas in 1986, the hair restoration center has based its philosophy on the creative artistic spirit, and innovation alike. Nu Hair Texas set the standard for best hairpieces, wigs, and hair restoration in style, comfort & quality.

Even more, Nu Hair has joined forces with Transitions International Group. As a result, it is working with some of the world’s most innovative hair restoration developers.

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Get the hair you have always dreamed of at our exclusive hair restoration studio, Nu Hair of Texas. After all, your hair is our passion at Nu Hair replacement salon in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas. While, there is no one size fits all, we will find you the best fit human hair wig, hairpiece, or custom order a natural look hair replacement. Certainly, our hair additions are the best wigs available today in the market.

In our Dallas-Fort Worth wig shop, you will benefit from our hairstylists’ many years of experience that maintain stringent requirements. Above all, your hairstylist will make sure that your Nu Hair unit will work with your face shape, and the hair density, hair curl, and wave, or color is right and will fit perfectly for your head as well. Certainly, you will get an expert cut and style to ensure your wig and hair replacement looks 100% natural, and we offer the best services.

Losing Your Hair?




We can help you get your beautiful hair look back while our staff offers the best service. Whether you are looking for a wig for daily life or a wig for medical hair loss, cancer, or chemo wig, we will help you find the most suitable one.


Texas Wig Shop in Dallas, Texas. Shop wigs in Dallas & DFW from top brands and top manufacturers; human hair, lace front, and synthetic wigs. Nu Hair of Dallas TX is the best wig and hair replacement specialty shop in the DFW area. You won’t find better quality wigs in Dallas, in addition to professional, expert wig stylists!​


REALLUSIONS© is beautiful hair addition for women with hair loss. And it is hair—more hair, and performance. And styling the human hair wig is easy. Our caring hair loss experts will assist you in choosing the perfect hair replacement, wig, hairpiece hair addition for you. Nu Hair of TX offers a personalized experience where your new hair look is the focus. Our caring professionals will take the time to listen to you and get it right the first time.


After all, our passion is your hair. But that’s only the beginning of what we help you restore! Nu Hair of Dallas, TX, is the best wig specialty shop in the DFW area. After hair styling and design our wigs hair, probably you won’t find better quality wigs in Dallas!


We create beautiful hair for men, women, and kids with hair loss. This video of beautiful hair wigs will explore our hair extensions collection. The look is gorgeous, glamorous human hair. Our wigs, hair additions, extensions, and hairpieces are for people who suffer hair loss.


Our specialty boutique has hair solutions for every hair loss pattern. Dallas women with Alopecia use Reallusions Hair wigs at Nu Hair of Dallas, Texas. Since 1986, we’re always one step ahead to help you get the most healthy, comfortable, and latest design wigs right here in DFW, Texas. Finally, from start to finish, you are confident that your hair will look beautiful.

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Hair is dynamic, inspiring and rich with possibilities.

And you’ll be longing for more! Ready to make a life change?

Brand New Wigs To Put Excitement In Your Life.


Get brand new wig to put excitement in your life. Find a new generation of wigs: human hair, synthetic wig, lace front, hairpiece, and more. Our Dallas hair replacement center takes pride in offering you the most beautiful wigs high-quality wigs from the best manufacturers and brands, and at the most affordable prices. Above all, we will be glad to answer questions you may have about your particular hair loss problem. It’s best to schedule you for an appointment with one of our hair restoration professionals. Moreover, we welcome all of your comments, questions, and suggestions. 


“We’re here to help you along your path to a beautiful, healthy head of hair. And we are always one step ahead to help you get the most healthy, comfortable, and latest design wigs right here in DFW, Texas. Also, our experts take great pride in helping achieve your hair restoration” – Marvin Friedman.

Hair Restoration Clients

Human Hair Wig

Human hair wigs design for a comfortable fit—best form-fitting design wigs with style. Certainly, we believe in using human hair as a recycling product. And, it is innovation and conservation that make getting hair restoration better for the world.

Hair Replacement

Dallas best wigs & hair replacements. Natural front hairline with the most realistic natural appearance. Further, our nondetectable hair replacement empowers women to greater heights. Nu Hair experts will guide you through the best hair restoration options available today, in a private room, at our Dallas-Fort Worth clinic.

Medical Wig

DFW best medical wigs, alopecia wigs, cancer wigs for  hair loss. A perfect fit. For example, health and wellness routines and how a well-fitting our medical wigs make all the difference. 

Texas hairstylists looking to specialize with hair restoration for men and women, apply at Nu Hair of Texas. We are hiring hairstylists in Dallas for wigs and hair replacement employment. 



Don’t want the hair loss look? Discover ways to get your hair back and tips to optimize your hairstyle. Appointment required. Call 972-490-7766 or email us.

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