Men’s Hair Replacement

Men’s Hair Replacement

No Surgery Hair Replacement For Men Dallas, Texas

Nu Hair nonsurgical men’s hair replacement is natural and completely undetectable, even to the most discerning eye. Indeed, look closely at the hairline. Yes, individual hairs emerging from the scalp, in light density following an irregular pattern. Certainly, it is a growing natural hairline look. Most importantly, there is no change in coloration, appearance or feel of the original hair. The smooth touch of the scalp and the hair replacement. To clarify, your total look result is natural. With over 33 years experience in Dallas, we are Dallas premier hair replacement systems salon. We help you live your life with thicker, fuller hair.

What Makes Nu Hair Nonsurgical Hair System For Men Different?

  • Nu Hair non-surgical hair replacement without surgery
  • No painful and costly medical operation
  • Natural front hairline and perfect color matching to your existing hair
  • Single hair grafts to simulate healthy hair follicles growth.
  • Provides the ability to add as little or as much hair as desired
  • Natural, comfortable, and great looking hair.
  • It feels completely natural to the touch
  • Styling freedom of having full hair, including hair back styles

Undetectable Hair Replacement With Natural Hairline

Note that non-surgical hair replacement for men should be undetectable, comfortable and provide the most natural looking frontal hairline.Therefor, no hair piece look. Indeed, one size doesn’t always fit all. We custom make your hair replacement system. We use your unique specifications. Our hair replacement experts will tailor your new hair system to meet with the best fit of the base design, hairstyle and hair knotting. Your new unit will have the shape, size, hair density precisely as you want it. Most top hair pieces still require men or women to shave the tops of their head to attach hairpieces. Our staff has a solution that does not require shaving of the existing hair, if so desired. You get thinning hair coverage, more volume and body that work with your existing hair.

Hair Restoration Hair Loss Treatment in Dallas, TX

Nu Hair Texas hair restoration in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas has the best hair loss treatment solutions for Alopecia patients. The DFW hair restoration clinic offers various hair loss solutions. If you’re looking for medical laser hair growth therapy, non-surgical hair replacement, or quality medical wigs/alopecia wigs you are in the right place. Dallas, TX hair loss treatment specialist, Marvin Friedman, founded Nu Hair in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area in 1986. He puts all his heart and soul in perfecting your hair look. Above all, Nu Hair of Texas has a top reputation in the hair restoration and hair replacement field. There are many reasons to use Nu Hair of Texas center. Above all, it’s staff keeps you beautiful.

Hair Replacement For Men’s Pattern Baldness in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas

First, eliminating hair loss has never been more comfortable with Nu Hair’s state-of-the-art hair replacement. Secondly, in as little as 28 days, you can transform your thinning hair or baldness into thick full hair!

Take the first step right NOW! Likewise, our consultants are also clients, so they have indeed “been there” themselves. Contact us and ask for your hair replacement system consultation free of charge.

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