Medical Cold Cap Or Cancer Wig?

Cancer wig, chemotherapy wig may become obsolete if a new medical cold cap works. We look into the future. We carry cancer wigs for cancer patients with chemo or radiation hair loss. The scalp becomes very sensitive due to chemotherapy treatments. Wigs during this time are a solution to hide the hair loss problem. The best medical wigs specifically for chemotherapy hair loss are wigs that offer smoothness and a light and airy feeling while wearing them.

Shopping for Cancer Wig? 

You are looking for a cancer wig because of chemotherapy hair loss. Then read about scalp cooling. There is hope to stop hair loss due to chemo treatments — a treatment that uses cold caps on the head to cool the scalp to prevent hair loss during chemo, instead of a medical wig. Cooling the scalp has been used for a long time to constricts the blood vessels that lead to the hair follicles during chemo treatments. The super cold temperature reduces the number of chemo drugs that reach the hair follicles, which decreases the side effect of hair loss due to chemotherapy.

Medical Cancer Wig for Hair Loss in Dallas TX, Best Human Hair
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How The Medical Wig Cap Works

The scalp must be pre-cooled before chemotherapy begins. The process cools the scalp to a below-freezing temperature, minus 22 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, the cold temperature should stay this cold for 3 to 4 hours after the treatment. In the future, instead of a medical wig, a new scalp cap product by DigniCap, is nearing approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Chemo Therapy & Hair Loss

A five-year U.S. clinical trial of the DigniCap found that 70% of those who wore caps during their chemo treatments did not suffer hair loss. Good news for chemo patients who prefer not to purchase a medical wig.

Reallusions® Wig in Dallas, Texas

If you need a cancer wig, remember there are many bad wigs out there. Your wig should not shout out “fake hair.” Our Reallusions® wigs and cancer wigs are custom designed according to your particular hairstyle and lifestyle needs and expected a degree of hair loss. We listen to your preferences and ensure that you leave with a beautiful, natural look wig, and style you will love.

Is a Medical Wig Covered by Insurance?

*If you’re shopping for a wig for medical reasons, check with your insurance company first to see their coverage. Ask your insurance company if your insurance policy covers “cranial prosthesis.” Nu Hair of Texas does not provide free wigs. You are responsible for paying if you purchase a wig at Nu Hair of Texas. Upon full payment, Nu Hair of TX issues a receipt, which you can then submit to your insurance company. 

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