Dallas best wigs, hair replacement, and hair extensions. Shop for best quality hair wigs for men and women’s hair loss in Dallas-Fort Worth. Nu Hair is a whole new way to get your hair back. Beautiful, sensual & complete. 

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And Coronavirus New Restrictions

Our service is as much about hygiene and emotional well-being as it about outward appearance—the nature of our business in dealing with patients that have suffered from medical related hair loss. In saying this, we care about the health and safety of both clients and staff. Dallas County has mandated to close hair and beauty salons until midnight April 3, 2020. A day later the Dallas County was ordered to Shelter-in-place with all non-essential business closure. If you have an appointment that falls within this period, please call to reschedule.

We will be open with limited staff and limited hours as soon as the Dallas county opens up. We strive to keep our clients safe and comfortable with their hair systems.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope everybody stays safe and healthy through these trying times.

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Check out Nu Hair of Texas best wigs in Dallas, including the new Reallusions wigs. And discover full glorious hair experience again. Above all, our wigs are premium natural hair wigs. After all , our passion is beautiful wigs for women, short wigs, curly wigs, human hair wigs! So unleash the power of Reallusions© hair and get your hair back to glamor & beauty!

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We offer the best brand wigs for women, men, and kids with hair loss. Shop in Dallas, Texas for top rated quality wigs.

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most importantly, Nu Hair of TX wig experts will guide you for the most beautiful and comfortable wig.
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Men's Hair Replacement

Best hair replacement systems for men's pattern baldness at Nu Hair in Dallas Texas.

Hair Styling Services

You will get an expert cut and style to ensure your wig looks 100% natural. We offer the best service.
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Medical Wigs

Medical wigs for Alopecia hair loss, cancer, or chemo. Superior wigs with various hairstyles & length, 100% hand-tied wigs.

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To clarify, we will help you find the most suitable wig for your hair loss.
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We can create a unique wig or hair system design that enhances your unique face and lifestyle. Wigs to live with.

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As a result, we'll take you a new whole world - to live and do all the things that wanted to before you lost your hair.
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DFW Texas best human hair wigs. Most importantly, superior wigs with various hairstyles & length, and 100% hand-tied wigs. Moreover, our wigs create trends for the world. As a result, you get best wigs and men’s hair replacements in Dallas. Find human hair wigs, lace wigs, medical wigs for Alopecia hair loss, cancer, or chemo for women, men, and kids with hair loss. For instance, you may get a synthetic wig for easy care, Remy hair wigs with unlimited hair colors. In Dallas-DFW, Texas, we will help you find the most suitable wig.

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Wigs to live with. We will help you get the most healthy, comfortable and light-weight wigs. Texas best wigs.

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Wigs to live with.



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Best hair replacement

Human Hair Wigs

Texas superior wigs with various hairstyles & length, 100% hand-tied wigs in DFW.

Medical Wigs

Medical wigs for alopecia hair loss, cancer, or chemo in Dallas Texas. We'll help you find the most suitable wig.

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs for easy care, Remy hair wigs with unlimited hair colors in Dallas-Fort Worth.

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Hair Extensions DFW Human Hair Additions

Hair Extensions Dallas TX

Human hair extension or remy hair extension can be glued in, clip-in, sew in, or tape-in extensions. Dallas hair restoration specialist says that human hair

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Clients love us! Because of it the hair replacement and wig reviews of Nu Hair of TX is nothing short or excellence. As a result, of hair system and wig buying experience. Shop at our Dallas Fort Worth Texas wig boutique and hair replacement with top rated hair restoration experts.

Men's Hair Replacement DFW Review: I started to notice my hair thinning, in my 20’s. But within a few years, male pattern baldness was in its full glory. I did not want to accept the aging look. To my surprise, with my new hair replacement, I only heard how great I look. First, I’m able to swim and dive without any worry that everyone will see me bald. Second, I can style my hair and go out, without a baseball cap. Indeed, to feel confident with my look is an incredible feeling!
Hair Replacement Dallas Texas Review
Marvin Friedman
Hair Replacement System
Texas Alopecia Wig Review - I feel like hair is the number one thing that makes me feel beautiful or not. However, if I have no hair, but my makeup's beautiful and I have a fabulous dress on, I'm still not happy. So if I wake up, and I've got two big zits on my face, and my hair looks fierce, but I feel ok. Moreover, I have a weird hair obsession.
Medical Alopecia Wig
African American Wig Review - I'm fortunate in the sense that my hair holds curl awesomely well. Most importantly, it looks the same at 10 P.M. as it does at 10 A.M. And, one of my favorite products is Nu Hair Texturizing Spray. I can get a lot of volume with it. I'm from the South - so I like big hair. In other words, Nu Hair of Texas has the best African American wigs for women like me with hair loss.
African American Wig



We understand that you’re frustrated with your hair loss look. We can help you get your beautiful hair back and in style. Best hair restoration solutions that work in Dallas, Texas. Further, Nu Hair, Texas wig shop, has the best wigs & hair replacement in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas. Shop for best quality wigs for men and women’s hair loss. And with our hair stylist job of cut and style, your hair will look beautiful, healthy head of hair. Your hair will get a beautiful shape cut and hairstyle. Likewise,  with Nu Hair wigs in Dallas, Texas.



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