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TexasWig -Wig Expert shopping guide!

When you shop for wigs, they range in both quality and price. Shop wigs, human hair wigs, long or short-cut wigs, full lace or lace front. What are the best wigs to buy for hair loss? How much does a good quality wig cost in the USA? What kind of wig looks natural?

Wigs range in both quality and price

For a natural-looking wig, opt for human hair one. There are different types of human hair, such as European hair or Indian hair. The European is the most desirable but costs more. Indian hair is thicker but costs much less per pound: high-quality European hair wigs, hand-made knots starting price is over $2000. A longer length of hair adds thousands to the wig cost.

Should I buy full lace or lace front wig?

Which is better lace front or full lace wigs? Are lace wigs more comfortable? Lace wigs are handmade wigs. Most lace wigs are made with a French, or Swiss lace base. French lace is very durable while the Swiss lace is more delicate. French lace is used for the front hairline section and it blends better with the skin. 

The choice between a full lace or lace front wig depends on the wigs affordability and comfort. Both wigs have a natural appearance. The lace front is generally more affordable but warmer to wear because of less air circulation of the fabric used than a full lace wig.

Which type of wig is best, synthetic or human hair wigs? Where to shop for your wig? How much should a good wig cost? What is the most natural looking wigs?