Extensions Attachment & Hair Loss

Dallas hair additions salon experts discuss hair loss due to weaving and harmful hair extension attachment methods. Is hair extension weaving result in hair loss? Hair extension attachment with weaving results in alopecia, says Dallas hair additions specialist. There are different methods of extension applications clip, tape, glue-in, sew-in hair extensions.

With hair extensions, you get longer, thicker hair within a few hours. However, the attachment methods are the cause of hair breakage and falling out. Furthermore, there are many high-profile cases of Hollywood stars who suffer hair loss and receding hairlines. The reason is using hair extensions as tight weaves to add volume to their hair. Unfortunately, many hair weaving methods lead to hair damage and hair loss for many women.

Dallas Hair Extensions Attachment Weaving Hair Loss

Hair Weaving Attachment

Traction alopecia is a term for specific hair loss. Prolonged tension in one’s hair causes traction alopecia. Hence, the use of weaving results in hair breakage. Because of the pulling involved, balding in some regions of the scalp shows up. Hair shaft breakage is a result of the hair extensions glue-in method. Secondly, braids have been created too tight. Pulling will cause damage. The breaking and receding hair are visible. Strands often snap off and pull out from the follicle. Prolong use of extensions results in permanently damaged hair follicles. Furthermore, the hair stops the hair growth cycle. Hair loss appears.

Black Women Hair Loss Due To Hair Extensions Weave Attachment

Hair Extensions Weaving for Occasional Use

Weaving is a hair extension method. Fine threads hold the hair weft together. In other words, weaving is the method to attach a group of hair to an individual. If used for temporary occasions such as parties, weaving can be utilized quickly without traction alopecia. Noteworthy is the lighter the weft, the better. As a result, the heavyweight weft will increase the chances of hair loss. African American women should be cautious due to their textured hair.

Dallas Hair Replacement Experts

It is essential to note professionals who specialize in hair restoration offer many advantages unavailable at a traditional hair salon or wig retailer. A certified hair replacement professional can provide you with the most recent hair addition techniques.

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