Hair Loss Cause & Treatment

Hair Loss Cause & Treatment

Hair restoration experts review hair loss and treatments. What causes your hair to fall out. Losing an unusual amount of hair cause alarm, and it’s understandable. When you start seeing bald spots, you search for solutions. Losing hair is a common problem worldwide, affecting one-third of the population. So, how to stop excessive hair fall in men, women, and children

Thinning hair and baldness typically refer to excessive shedding of hair from the scalp and or other parts of the body. Causes may be heredity, hormonal changes, medical conditions, aging, stress, or even medications. Similarly, men, women, and children may suffer excessive hair fall problems.

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Excessive shedding and thinning starting to show

Hence, dealing with your hair falling out, you must accept your hair loss as a fact. And start taking action to find out if there may be a medical reason why you are shedding excessive hair. Is it hereditary hair fall or medical alopecia, a health issue that causes your hair thinning, or harsh hairstyling practice. Likewise, many health conditions can cause hair falling as a side effect, such as hyperthyroid, poor diet, or stress. Above all, as first step, let your doctor and your dermatologist‎ examine the cause of your condition.

Nu Hair of Texas is a hair restoration clinic in Dallas, Fort Worth. With Transitions International Group, it analyzes the balding, hair thinning process and looks for ways to regrow hair back and get the full mane look again. Treatment of Alopecia varies from hair growth medications, surgical hair transplants to medical laser hair restoration. Non-medical hair restoration solutions such as hair replacement, hairpieces, and medical wigs work well for many alopecia patients.

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At Nu Hair restoration in Dallas, Texas, we determined to prevent hair fall at the onset. We look for the newest hair regrowth treatments that work. We work as a team with over 60 members of Transitions Hair Replacement Group in USA and hair restoration clinics worldwide. The group clinics give us the best insider input while keeping us on top of the newest hair loss treatment research.

Customers agree that we offer the best hair restoration solutions around and provide hair replacement products such as nonsurgical hair replacement and wigs from established names. We help you reach your goals of a full head of hair with a healthy and fit lifestyle. Please request your private, confidential consultation with a trained Nu Hair of Dallas, TX hair restoration specialist. Use the CONTACT US form or call 972 490 7766. By Appointment Only.