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Best Nonsurgical Hair Loss Solution for Men’s Hair Loss in DFW.

#1 Nonsurgical hair replacement system for men’s hair loss in DFW, TX. This best-rated hair replacement system is a custom-made hair system. The hair system is the same type of hair, curly or straight, brown or gray, as the client’s natural existing hair. Its hairline features single hair grafts for the most natural-looking hair replacement system without hair transplant surgery. The hair is true to life, simulates hair follicles growing out of a scalp.


Best Nonsurgical Hair Loss Solution for Men’s Hair Loss in DFW, Texas.

Nu Hair offers non-surgical hair replacement systems for men’s hair loss, with no toupee, wig, or hairpiece look. So, you are not a candidate for a surgical hair transplant. And surgery complications or scars are not your choices. The hair is true to life and simulates hair follicles growing out of a scalp.

Dallas Hair Loss Solutions

Nu Hair of Texas has created a next-generation beautiful non-surgical hair replacement system. This hair loss solution is an unprecedented leap in hair restoration that adds hair without complexity. Hair system with a stylish look and feels more realistic and healthy than your existing hair. It’s secure, comfortable, undetectable, natural, and definitely life-changing.

Men’s Hair Replacement System

Nu Hair of Texas hair replacement systems can help you be more active, healthy, and in style every day. Whether you’re running, swimming, or cycling, the Nu Hair replacement system has your favorite hairstyle and fit. And your new look can motivate you to strive for more throughout the day. 

Nu Hair of TX, DFW Hair Replacement Design

  • Made of 100% human hair
  • Single hair grafts
  • Hand-tied knots
  • Natural front hairline
  • Most realistic natural appearance
  • Custom measurements
  • Form-fitting design with stretch

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Human Hair