Bryan Hair Replacement System

Buy a Nonsurgical hair replacement system for men and women’s hair loss in Dallas-DFW, Texas. New Nu Hair replacement for men restores a natural appearance with the state-of-the-art hair blending and base that simulate the scalp unsociable to the eye. No hairpiece or toupee look. Just look at the natural look of the front hairline.


Hair Replacement System Dallas-DFW

Hair restoration using hair transplants, and nonsurgical hair replacements for men and women’s hair loss are exploding. Hair replacement is a nonsurgical and non-medical hair loss treatment for men. Hair replacement system is the most commonly used cosmetic option for hair loss in men. Today, the hairpieces, toupee look of yesterday, are gone. The new hair replacement systems are semi-permanently attached with medical adhesive bonding.

Men’s Hair Extensions – Nonsurgical Hair Replacement For Hair Loss

Our high-end hair replacement is nonsurgical hair systems that increase hair density, with a natural look and feel of real growing hair. You can groom and style your full hair with the latest hair trends. Nu Hair replacement attracts today’s active men who love sports, including swimming, water skiing, diving, without fear of balding areas showing.
Our hair restoration specialists will help you get your beautiful head of hair looks back. We will help you find the perfect hair restoration solution or hair loss product that will work for your particular hair loss condition.

Nu Hair of TX, DFW Hair Replacement Design

  • Made of 100% human hair
  • Single hair grafts
  • Hand-tied knots
  • Natural front hairline
  • Most realistic natural appearance
  • Custom measurements
  • Form-fitting design with stretch

Additional information

Hair Type

Human Hair

Hair Restoration

Hairpiece, Nonsurgical Hair Replacement

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  1. Michael D

    This is a great hair replacement system. It is light weight and easy to use. It fits great and no one knows it’s a hair system. You definitely can swim shower and do sport without any worries. It is bonded for semi-permeant use. Reattachment is done once a month with a regular hair cut.

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