Cynthia Medical Wig Dallas

Shop at Nu Hair of Texas for medical wigs in Dallas for cancer or Alopecia.
The wig’s front hairline is natural, exposing the scalp, and no knots are showing. REALLUSIONS© is composed of exceptional 100 % human hair, European hair. Also, this medical wig has a unique feather light base. The wig has 100% human hair. Gray may be of synthetic or human hair. The venting is done with a single hair graft to produce a natural front hairline and a most realistic natural appearance. Buy a medical wig design for a comfortable fit—a unique form-fitting design with style.


REALLUSIONS© wigs show off luxurious, beautiful hair. It is life-changing for women with cancer treatment or medical hair loss. Nu Hair offers wigs comfortable wigs with human hair or synthetic hair for hair loss patients in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas.

Nu Hair human hair medical wigs are with the highest quality hair. The hair is selected to achieve just the right color, wave, and texture to match your own. The base is a thin, flesh-like silicone providing an airy feather lightweight. The hair is implanted root-end first into the base using a unique implantation technique involving a natural angle hair growth pattern. This venting gives the hair buoyancy and movement for a natural appearance and provides realism in wet and dry conditions. These custom medical wigs are very comfortable, easy to care for.

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